Scott Suspension Calculator

Scott Suspension Calculator

Suspension setup plays a crucial role in optimizing your mountain biking experience, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride.

The Scott Suspension Calculator is a valuable tool that helps you determine the right suspension pressure and sag percentage for your specific riding style and physical attributes.

Understanding the Basics

Before we dive into using the Scott Suspension Calculator, let’s grasp the fundamental concepts that underlie its functionality.

Suspension Pressure and Sag Percentage

Suspension pressure refers to the amount of air pressure in your bike’s suspension system. It determines how the suspension responds to impacts and maintains its proper stance.

Sag percentage, on the other hand, indicates the amount of suspension travel that compresses under your weight when sitting on the bike.

Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you have a basic understanding of suspension pressure and sag percentage, let’s proceed with using the Scott Suspension Calculator.

Input Your Information

  1. Rider’s Weight (kg): Enter your weight in kilograms. This is crucial as it determines how much force the suspension needs to counteract.
  2. Bike Weight (kg): Input the weight of your bike in kilograms. This information helps in calculating the total load on the suspension system.
  3. Suspension Travel (mm): Specify the suspension travel of your bike in millimeters. This is the distance your suspension can compress when encountering obstacles.
  4. Sag Percentage (%): Enter the desired sag percentage. Generally, for trail riding, a sag of around 25-30% is recommended. However, different riding styles might call for different sag percentages.
  5. Riding Style: Choose your riding style from the options provided – Trail Riding, Downhill, Cross Country, or Enduro.

Calculate Your Suspension Setup

  1. Calculate Button: Once you’ve entered all the required information, click the “Calculate Suspension” button. The calculator will process your data and provide recommendations for suspension pressure and sag.

Understanding the Results

  1. Recommended Suspension Setup: The calculator will display your recommended suspension setup in a clear format. You’ll see the recommended pressure in PSI (pounds per square inch) and the suggested sag percentage.

Interpreting the Recommendations

Understanding the recommendations provided by the calculator is essential for achieving an optimal suspension setup that suits your riding style and preferences.

Suspension Pressure

The recommended suspension pressure indicates the amount of air pressure you should have in your suspension system. It accounts for your weight, bike weight, and riding style. Adjusting the pressure within the recommended range can greatly affect the responsiveness of your suspension.

Sag Percentage

The suggested sag percentage reflects how much the suspension compresses when you’re sitting on the bike. It’s a critical factor in achieving optimal traction and control. The recommended sag percentage might vary based on your chosen riding style, so make sure to take that into account.

Applying the Recommendations

Once you have your recommended suspension setup, follow these steps to apply it to your bike:

  1. Adjusting Suspension Pressure: Locate the air valve on your suspension fork and shock. Use a suspension pump to add or release air until you reach the recommended pressure. This fine-tunes the responsiveness of your suspension.
  2. Setting Sag Percentage: To set the sag, have a friend help you steady the bike. Push down on the handlebars to compress the suspension, then gently release. Measure the sag from the o-ring on the suspension shaft. Add or release air until you achieve the recommended sag percentage.


The Scott Suspension Calculator simplifies the process of optimizing your mountain bike’s suspension setup.

By inputting a few key details, you’ll receive tailored recommendations for suspension pressure and sag percentage.

Remember, experimenting with slight adjustments can further refine your setup, so don’t hesitate to fine-tune based on your personal preferences and riding experiences.

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